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Truck Driver Safety

Safety is the foremost concern of any shipping and transportation company. As humans, we are gifted with survival instincts to ensure safe surroundings. This concept of self-preservation is important to truck drivers. However, according to U.S. Labor Department statistics, more truck drivers are fatally injured on the job compared to nearly all other professions.

tire wear

Stay safe, friend. Here are some safety tips for truck drivers in the shipping and transportation industry.

1. Inspection of the vehicle

Even though we bah-humbug over inspections, we all know that they are crucial to our safety. Before each trip, take the time to check a few things.

  • tire wear
  • fluid leaks
  • hose leaks or loose belts
  • loose bolts
  • burned out lights

2. Regular Truck Maintenance

Needless to say, in order to preserve the condition of your truck, maintenance repairs and tune ups are required. When vehicles are constantly in use their condition will deteriorate in time. Don’t risk your life by trying to save a buck by skipping a repair. It may cost you more than just money.

3. Keep Your Distance

We all know that the “Keep Your Distance” sign at the back of the trailer gets little attention by other drivers. That’s why you have to be proactive and keep your distance whenever you see vehicles nearby.

4. Take Frequent Breaks

It is important that you take frequent breaks from driving to stretch your legs or sleep. Driving one more hour isn’t worth a wreck that can delay you for several hours or even cut your life short.