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Owner Operators

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  • Owner Operator Lease Package Includes:
  • 82% – 18% split on all shipments
  • Your first settlement will come in two weeks and then every week thereafter.
  • Weekly deductions will be taken from your settlement to cover fuel card purchases and additional operating fees incurred while running for A-1 Transportation Services.
  • We offer a finance package to make these deduction consistent from week to week so that you can predict what deductions will be made at the time of settlement.
  • Every owner/operator is required to operate under A-1 Transportation Services company policies for public safety and service to our customers.
  • Each week A-1 Transportation will deduct $50.00 a unit from the settlement checks. The money will be put into an escrow account. Lessor may use this money for repairs and emergencies.
  • A-1 Transportation Services will provide lessor with full lease package. The cost of this package will be determined by collaborations all necessary expenses and determining a weekly cost.
  • Lessors are required to carry Bob Tail Insurance. A-1 Transportation will activate and cover insurance costs to insure coverage is active, this is included in the weekly settlement deductions.
  • Personalized account rep
  • Next day direct deposit
  • Weekly settlement


  • A-1 Transportation Services Lease Package Includes:
  • Authority
  • Cargo and Liability Insurance
  • Bob Tail Insurance
  • Occupational Insurance
  • Licensing
  • Advertising
  • Drug Testing
  • Road and Fuel Taxes
  • IFTA/Single/ Fuel
  • Oregon licensing and authority
  • Safety Admin
  • Admin Internal
  • Fuel Card
  • Personalized account rep
  • Next day direct deposit
  • Weekly settlement