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How Carrier Services Prevent Freight Damage

Carrier services losses are often attributed to freight damages along the supply chain. Shippers can take actions to reduce product damages and returns. The following are some damage prevention tactics: Using the Pallet Use the right pallet – Make sure that you use a... read more

Common Shipping Mistakes: How to Avoid Them?

Mistakes are human, but they could be costly. Mistakes in business could result in lower profitability and even bankruptcy. There are so many mistakes committed in the shipping industry that result in delay in delivery, damage or loss to the freight, or missed... read more

Ways to Improve Your Trucking Business

The trucking business is a lucrative one, considering the volume of freight being moved in a single day. However, the profitability of the business all depends on how it is managed and run. The absence of efficiency in transportation logistics will eventually result... read more

Best Freight Broker Software Programs

A freight broker is the middleman between shippers and freight transportation services. The freight broker sees to it that the carrier delivers the shipper’s freight on a timely manner in the right destination. The freight broker might not see the actual freight, nor... read more

Choosing the Best Freight Broker Agent Program

A person can best prepare themselves to be a freight broker agent by taking part in a program that will prepare them for the challenges and intricacies of job. There are various freight broker agent programs available out there and choosing the best one could be a... read more

A Guide to Choosing a Carrier Service

Truck driving is not for everybody. While millions are still unemployed in the US and Canada, the trucking industry is projecting a driver shortage in the coming years. The reason behind such an anomalous situation is because not everyone is cut out to be a truck... read more

Freight Agent Opportunities: How to Find Them?

Freight agent opportunities are rare if you are just starting in the field and have not built a name for yourself yet. It takes time and a lot of accomplishments before your reputation as a good freight agent becomes known in the industry. The freight brokerage... read more

A Quick Guide to Become a Freight Broker

Getting into the freight brokerage business promises great financial rewards and an opportunity for growth because of the improving economy that needs an increasing number of new brokers. Before launching your own freight brokerage firm, there are things that you... read more

What Does a Freight Broker’s Typical Day Look Like?

The work of a freight agent is fast-paced, high-pressured, and exciting but also financially rewarding. There are lots of things going on in a freight broker’s day, from the moment they wake up until the time they are ready to call it a day. The following is the... read more

Reasons to Become a Freight Broker

A lot of people who have worked in some capacity in the freight service business are usually encouraged to become a freight broker after observing how they work and how they make money. The job of a freight broker might be very demanding but it is financially... read more

Does Working with a Freight Broker Save Money?

Looking for a trucking service to move your cargo from one point to another may not be the best idea unless you are familiar with the intricacies of the trucking industry. But if your knowledge about trucking is limited to your need to move your cargo from point A to... read more

Biggest Carrier Services in America

The American economy moves forward because of the logistics industry. The economy will be in a standstill if raw materials and supplies fail to be moved into factories and finished products will not be transported to the market to be purchased by the end-users. An... read more

Things Freight Brokers Love and Hate

Dealing with freight brokers for a load that needs to be moved may cover the basics of freight service or it may progress to a talk about the intricacies of the freight service business. Your call will be treated by the freight broker as a potential business... read more

Qualities of a Reliable Shipping Solution

With so many shipping companies available to provide service, clients tend to be picky in choosing which one to deal with. Each shipping company offers a different set of options and services, thus making a choice becoming a real challenge. Companies and individuals... read more

The Many Benefits of Being a Freight Agent

Many companies that ship their products are contracted with trucking companies but a significant number of them let their shipping be handled be managed by a freight agent. The freight agent becomes the intermediary between the shipper of cargo and a trucker or... read more

Tips to Help Freight Brokers Generate More Leads

Building a freight broker business is a daunting task as there are so many brokers that currently service the trucking industry. Some brokers go a long stretch of time without getting a single customer because so many clients have been cornered experienced brokerage... read more

The Crucial Role of Technology in the Trucking Industry

Today, technology is critical to the operation of any type of business, especially in shipping and transportation industries because of the complexities of the processes involved. In turn, shipping and transportation demands elaborates solutions. New technologies in... read more

Can You Become A Freight Agent Without Experience?

A freight agent, or cargo agent, is a person who facilitates and coordinates shipments of incoming and outgoing goods through trucking, train, and airline terminals as well as shipping docks. Their main responsibility is ensuring that goods for shipment are picked up... read more

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