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Things Freight Brokers Love and Hate

Dealing with freight brokers for a load that needs to be moved may cover the basics of freight service or it may progress to a talk about the intricacies of the freight service business. Your call will be treated by the freight broker as a potential business negotiation so you can expect a professional manner of conversation with them.


When customers negotiate with a freight broker they are often out to get some concessions from the broker such as a discounted rate or freebies that they may throw in. By better understanding what freight brokers appreciate or dislike, you’ll be in a better position to negotiate in your favor. Playing your cards well can get you a deal, possibly for more than just one load, too. Here are a few things that freight brokers appreciate.

  • Drivers and dispatchers who sound confident – Dealing with a professional requires a professional demeanor also. If you are either a driver or a dispatcher who is looking to get some business from a freight broker, you must sound like you really know what you are doing. A freight broker will not entrust loads with you if they are not sure of your confidence.
  • Good communication – You must communicate well. Let the freight broker know what you expect and tell him what you can deliver.
  • Be direct bur respectful – Do not go around in circles. Get directly to your point but deliver it in a respectful manner

The following are some items that freight brokers dislike:

  • “Is that all you have in rate?” – You must know the nature of your business and be familiar with going rates. You might be tempted to ask for a little bit more but don’t play dumb as if you know nothing about the DAT Load Boards.
  • Long-winded explanations – Keep things simple and brief. Everybody is rushing in this kind of business so there is no need to make a long spiel over a short topic.
  • Indecisiveness – Take the load if you can and politely say no if you can’t. There is no point vacillating on your answer to take the load or not.