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Surefire Ways To Keep Customers Happy On Loyalty Day

Did you know that upwards of 70% of long-term customers discontinue a company’s product or service because they don’t feel appreciated? It clearly shows that over half of the businesses don’t fully realize their customers’ worth and loyalty. Customers will find businesses that treat them better and provide them with appreciation.

It takes a great consideration for customers to spend their hard-earned money with you. Business-to-customer relationships are the same as any relationship in this world. If one does not show appreciation towards the other the relationship will fail, and the other will seek understanding elsewhere. In appreciation of May’s Loyalty Day, here are some tips to better grow customer loyalty.

1. Attend to their needs properly.

Service a customer’s needs wholeheartedly and listen to what they want. Most customer’s don’t want anything more than consistent service. Additionally, make a suggestion box or customer service feedback email address available. By listening to customers, they will tell you how to improve. You can’t get more direct feedback than that.

2. Give them beyond what they are expecting.

Give them on-the-house services. When a customer pays for item A, surprise them with a bonus of item A + B. By throwing in a little extra every once in a while you’ll peak their appreciation.

3. Give valuable rewards.

Surprise your loyal customers by giving them rewards through a rewards program. By tracking customer purchases and rewarding them it emphasizes the value that you offer them over the course of their repeated transactions.

4. Mark special moments of your customers.

Customers want to feel valued as more than a customers, but a person, too. Depending on your industry, when appropriate, acknowledge a customer’s birthday or anniversary that they became a customer. Send them discounted gift certificate or give them special treatment. By remembering special days in your customer’s life, they will never forget the appreciation you showed them and they will be a customer for life.