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Choosing the Best Freight Broker Agent Program

A person can best prepare themselves to be a freight broker agent by taking part in a program that will prepare them for the challenges and intricacies of job. There are various freight broker agent programs available out there and choosing the best one could be a daunting task.


A prospective freight broker agent can choose the best program for them by taking into consideration the following:

  • Technology – The job of a freight broker agent entails the use of computer and software that will enable the agent to make schedules of shipments, synchronize schedules with carriers, track the movement of cargoes, and many other important functions that require modern technology. Find out what kind of technological infrastructure is in use, the software available, and technological support they give.
  • Finance – Find out the financial strength of the company. You do not want to be working with a company that can barely keep its head above water. You want a sense of security when you work with a company. A carrier that belongs to the upper half of companies in the industry would be ideal. Also, a carrier that pays employees on time and has everybody covered by insurance will be a good place for a freight broker agent.
  • Marketing – Evaluate the marketing capabilities of the carrier, as it is an essential element in the success of the business. Find out what is the carrier’s practice when it comes to lead generation. Is the marketing team providing freight agents with enough leads? What kind of support do the agents get from the marketing team?
  • Support – At the outset, the carrier may be promising full support for its freight broker agents. What is the nature and extent of such support? Find out if an agent can take their own initiative in carrying out his job or if they need to get somebody’s permission before doing anything in line with their job. Determine the line of communications available for the agent with regards to the managers, supervisors, and other important people in the business.