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Top 5 Useful Websites for Truckers

Whether you’re a truck driver, freight agent or owner operator, it’s important to know the day-to-day sphere of the trucking industry. Keeping up to date on industry events, news, and trends can give you an edge and help you to efficiently leverage your career. Below are five of the most useful websites available to keep you current on the world of shipping and transportation.

  1. A platform the focuses on providing reliable information about the trucking industry. Here, you can find useful resources that can help you manage your career or your business operations.
  2. If you are searching for the latest updates in the trucking industry, Fleet Owner is the go-to website. And it doesn’t just give you the latest news, but also up to date trucking regulations, statistics, and technology. It’s also a resource center for practical tips in managing a shipping and transportation company.
  3. Maybe you’re not just after the news. What about amazing stories and lifestyles of truckers? That’s where Road King comes in. This website will give you loads of info you can use in your day-to-day operations. From what food to eat and tips to overcome road issues, you’ll be amazed at how a single story can change your entire perspective. Besides getting inspired, you can also connect with other truck drivers.
  4. The Just like Road King, The Truckers Report serves as a linchpin for all truckers. It has a forum section that allows you to connect with drivers from all over the globe. Indeed, a great website for asking advice, tips, solutions, or just to get inspired by other stories.
  5. Trucking Info is one of the most reliable online platform for information on equipment, fuel, safety, drivers, fleet management, and so on.