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Tips to Help Freight Brokers Generate More Leads

Building a freight broker business is a daunting task as there are so many brokers that currently service the trucking industry. Some brokers go a long stretch of time without getting a single customer because so many clients have been cornered experienced brokerage firms. The success of a freight broker is dependent on lead generation, a time-consuming and difficult task. The more leads a freight broker has in their lineup, the more customer they have the potential to convert, which will mean the growth of their business and their bottom line.


The following are some tips to help a freight broker generate more leads:

  • Contact people that you know – Find out where family and friends work. Their company might be shipping their products and they can refer you to the person who handles it.
  • Take down names of companies you see – Make a list of names and addresses of companies that you see on the road. Contact them later for the possibility that they might need a freight broker.
  • Referrals – As you build your reputation in your business, satisfied customers will refer you to people they know. Companies you picked up from and shipped to are good leads. After you complete a shipping job of their, contact them and let them know the service you just did for them.
  • Build your expertise – If you frequently handle a particular line of product, such as produce, be an expert on it. Later, you can be looking for new clients who want an expert on the shipping of produce.
  • Use credit reference sheets of current customers – Let the companies that were used as a credit reference know that you were referred to them by your current customer.
  • Check with companies where loads are picked up and dropped off – Call these companies and offer your business. Most likely they will tell you they have their own broker but sometimes persistence pays off.
  • Check with other companies in the city that you are dropping off your load – There are many businesses in every city. After you drop off your load, there may be businesses in the area that may need loads to be moved. You can offer them a better rate since you are already in the area.

Be creative in looking for leads. Utilize as many contacts and sources you can find. In the end, your perseverance will pay off.