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Things to Know About Truck-Only Cameras

There is a new system involving the use of truck-only cameras that has been up and running in Arizona highways. If you happen to drive by Arizona, you will notice cameras installed along the highway. These are not speed cameras. In fact, these cameras will not notice private vehicles on the road. They are only meant for commercial truck screening.


Truck-only cameras aim to further enhance truck inspections including the load of the trucks. There are even sensors strategically located along the road that will help estimate the weight of the truck. If the trucks seems to be overweight, the driver will be instructed to pull over.

The cameras installed actually do not have the ability to estimate speed like the speed cameras. It is just a move to try to monitor all the trucks more efficiently. Besides, they know that stopping all the trucks for inspection is a waste of time.

In essence, the main purpose of these cameras is to be able to monitor freight trucks. It can benefit other people by preventing truck inspection in random parts of the highway that can sometimes result in traffic delays. At the same time, it helps those who regulate truck loads by making their job easier. Now they have a rough idea beforehand whether a truck is over weight or not. The whole process will minimize excessive quantities of trucks pulling over.

Unfortunately, for shipping and transportation drivers and freight companies, the truck-only cameras may be a reason for wrong estimates of truck load. So even companies who follow proper weight loads may still be asked to pullover and cause a delay in their delivery. When it comes to freight services, time is very important. The faster the trucks can deliver their load, the better the business will be.

Eventually, we will know whether or not the truck-only camera installations located along Arizona highways have helped in monitoring freight trucks. If it has showed its effectiveness, then it is a good way to lessen the truck stops along the highway. Time will tell.