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The Transportation & Logistics Council’s 41st Annual Conference

The Transportation and Logistic Council, INC. which promotes and represents the interest of the entire shipping community conducted its 41st Annual Conference last March 23rd – 25th. The conference discussed the overall status of the transportation and logistics industry, as well as talked some issues revolving the shipping community.

Transportation & Logistics Council

The conference was divided into six general sessions with eight workshops:

General Session 1 – Transportation Industry Update

Top representatives from the transportation industry and the trade press provided an overview of crucial issues facing the industry. This includes funding for capacity, the impact of recent regulatory initiatives, infrastructure, and other current issues.

Workshop 1 – New Laws and Regulations

Discussion of the recently enacted and proposed federal laws and regulations, which have a huge impact on the industry. The purpose is to explain everything about CSA, MAP-21, HOS, proposed FDA regulations, and other regulatory initiatives to the carriers, shippers, and intermediaries.

Workshop 2 – Freight Claims and Cargo Insurance

The panelists discussed the “Best Practices” for carriers and shippers. They also included the scope of a carrier’s insurance and how shippers can discover it, and how can they protect themselves from uninsured losses.

General Session 2 – Law of the Land, Law of the Jungle

Discussion of the “Lawyers Explain the Law, and Businessmen Tell it Like it Is”

Workshop 3 – Reverse Logistics

Since logistics is involved in handling repairs, replacement parts management, customer service, and so on, which can be all intimidating, the panelists discussed the updates on industry trends, latest management technology, and potential outsourcing opportunities.

Workshop 4 – Saving Transportation

Panelists discussed; the shipper apparatuses for better partnerships with carriers, ways to help with carrier retention, dedicated fleet or common carrier, etc. They also tackled about the benefits and potential disadvantages outsourcing functions.

General Session 3 – Strategic Cargo Theft Scams

Since thieves have been using much more sophisticated strategies and creative scams nowadays, panelists of this session discussed some tips on how to help combat such dilemma and what law enforcement are doing to stop this.

Workshop 5 – National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC)

This session delved the background of the NMFC, carrier participation, classification and packaging, rules applicable to bills of lading, packaging specifications, rules for freight claims, inspections, salvage, and so on. Also discussed are the relationship between the NMFC and carrier rate, and rules tariffs.

Workshop 6 – Contract and Risk Management

The panelists discussed the top 10 things that should be included in a transportation contract to protect interests.

General Session 4 – Transportation Attorneys Panel

Notable transportation lawyers addressed some current issues and recent court decisions impacting carriers, shippers, and intermediaries – freight charge disputes, loss and damage claims liability for highway accidents, and other issues.

Workshop 7 – Shipping by Air

Panelists explained the role of air freight forwarders vs. air carriers; liability for cargo loss or damage for domestic, air waybills and tariffs, and international shipment including time limits and defenses, etc.

Workshop 8 – Meet the Experts

The perfect time for those seeking answers to their problems regarding logistics and transportation. The highlight of the workshop was when the leading transportation experts provided answers to questions and gave advice.

General Session 5 – Loss Prevention and Mitigation of Damages

The panelists discussed the “Best Practices” in dealing problems such as transit loss or damage. They also gave advice on how to avoid such issues through better communication, packaging, and security.

General Session 6 – Q & A

The final round ended with panelists talking about some of the typical questions submitted to the Council’s “Q&A” forum.