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The Skills and Requirements You Need to Qualify for a Freight Agent Position

A freight agent can work as a freelancer or as partner with a brokerage agency or company. A person need not worry about qualifications when working as an independent freight agent. They can get clients as long as they know the ins and outs of the trade. Working as a freight agent in a brokerage firm, however, requires some basic qualifications before getting employed. Some of the qualifications most freight agencies require are the following:


  • Education – A high school diploma is the entry-level requirement for a freight agent but having completed some college courses will be an advantage. Most of the duties of the freight agent can be learned on-the-job while working with senior and experienced freight agents.
  • Working knowledge of computer – Computer proficiency is not always required but some basic computer knowledge is a must since most of the work of the freight agent is computer-based. An applicant for a freight agent position will have better opportunities of getting hired if they have experience with logistics forwarding software.
  • Government license – Depending on the type of cargo to be shipped, a freight agent may need to have a license from a pertinent government organization such as a license from the Department of Motor Carriers Safety Association for freight agents who are working for US truck carriers.
  • People skills – Good people skills refer to a person’s ability to listen, to relate and communicate to others on both personal and professional levels. This is an important quality of a freight agent because their job is to convince people to do business with them and the freight agency they are representing.
  • Persistent – The work of a freight agent can be challenging and daunting. Most of the time companies an agent will be approaching for business will turn them down. Freight agents have to be persistent in trying to convince those companies on the merits of doing business with them.

A freight agent will be successful in their field if he is armed with dedication and is willing to work hard in this ultra-competitive business.