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Save money this year, plan your shipping strategies

For businesses both large or small, shipping can be among the most problematic areas of operations. Complicated processes of shipping in a company can result in increased shipping costs, delayed deliveries, delayed payments, and unhappy clients.

shipping strategies

Businesses often unknowingly neglect the importance of having a key personnel or an administrator to manage shipping operations and to balance to financial constraints. That’s why we’ve prepared this list that can help you get off on the right foot towards success.

  1. Shop around transportation method options. The right choice of delivery providers for your product can often help you retain cost-efficient solutions, faster deliveries, and increased delivery accuracy.
  2. Purchase packaging materials in bulk to save on costs. Suppliers often offer heavily discounted prices for bulk orders.
  3. Have an automated system that will keep track of your inventory. Knowing when you need to re-order ahead of time can often save your on otherwise unnecessary rush delivery charges.
  4. Recycle materials when available. Look for alternative, low-cost materials for your packaging that offer similar quality at lower costs.
  5. Keep it light. Always consider the content of your packaging and choose ways to lessen the load when possible.
  6. Calculate cost online, ahead of time, and compare if flat rate options are more affordable (if available for your smaller delivery). It is important to identify your package’s weight in order for you to have the best options to consider for delivery prices and time frames.
  7. Prepare before shipping to other countries. Overseas shipping can be significantly more involved than US-based deliveries. There’s more considerations that involve customs, taxes, etc. When passing on shipping costs, charge accordingly to your customer’s choice of shipment and provide them with options that will be beneficial to both parties as far as cost and timeliness.

Keep aware of constant changes. Shipping costs are always changing. Stay regularly up to date with changes that affect your industry so that you have a good idea what is generally your best option.