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Qualities of a Reliable Shipping Solution

With so many shipping companies available to provide service, clients tend to be picky in choosing which one to deal with. Each shipping company offers a different set of options and services, thus making a choice becoming a real challenge.


Companies and individuals who want to move their cargo can choose a reliable shipping company by looking for the following key attributes:

  1. Free freight quotes – Customers, who are looking for a shipping company usually look at the price as the starting point. They tend to immediately rule out those companies that have a higher asking price. A reliable shipping company must employ technology to generate the rates, which must be backed up by the list of services that are commensurate with the price. Customers cannot be swayed by low price but with limited service options. The customer will always look for the value of their buck.
  2. Variety of Shipping Options – A dependable shipping company must have a number of options available. Not all shippers will ship a truckload so there must be an option for a less-than-truckload (LTL). Some shippers need their cargo delivered expeditiously, making a next day delivery option attractive to them. Shipping companies that offer different modes of delivery using different kinds of trucks and various supply chain solutions can expect to attract more customers than the rest of the industry.
  3. Customer service – A trustworthy shipping company must provide seamless communication in real time, from beginning to the end. Communication may be carried out through the company’s website, email or phone, handled by a reliable customer service team that will make the customers confident that their cargo will be delivered on time to the correct destination. The customer service team must be able to answer any question, quell any doubts, and clear any misunderstanding that might arise before, during, and after the shipment of cargo.
  4. Reputable recognition – A reliable shipping company must have a reputable recognition as shown by their standing with the Better Business Bureau or other accreditation.