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Low energy prices will continue through much of 2015. Does this impact you?

Oil prices have decreased by more than 20% since last year which is a good thing for most. Commodity prices usually follow suit and decline, allowing the general public to get more for the buck and increase spending which stimulates the economy.

energy prices

  • reduced fuel prices equates to lower operating costs and higher profit margins for the transportation industry
  • lower transportation costs equates to lower priced consumer goods
  • lower fuel costs equate to slashed airline fares, promoting tourism
  • more affordable gas stimulates buyers interest in new automobiles

Consumers may be celebrating these lower costs but, companies that produces oil and invest labor and technology into gas explorations are deeply affected. In the short-term the lower costs can be a welcomed stimulation to the economy. However, long-term negative affects are yet to be seen. Nothing is permanent. We have to be prepared for the almost guaranteed future rise in prices of this commodity again