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Leverage your volumes

Every company does business to earn a profit. The trick that many face is how do you minimize shipping expenditures to secure profitable margins?

shipping volumes

Do you face any of these common reasons for high shipping costs?

  • delayed arrival
  • too heavy for its load
  • inappropriate mode of shipping

Being organized and efficient is the key to increased profits. Here are a couple of tricks to accomplish just that.

  1. Have an automated system. Nobody likes paperwork. Filling and filing forms and slips is no exemption. Having an automated system makes work more seamless and efficient. Additionally, automated systems can keep your data secure and in compliance.
  2. For the paperwork that is required, label your folders and cabinets. This can save you a lot of time in searching for certain documents.
  3. Designate work load across qualified employees. Do not handle all work by yourself or assign to just one employee. The more hands working on fulfillment usually equates to faster task completion.
  4. Create a set of protocols and processes. Never stray from them. Ford’s market share of the automotive industry exploded when he streamlined the assembly line process. While you may operate on a smaller scale than producing thousands of cars a day you can still incorporate the same ideology to increase production.
  5. Never forget to appreciate and recognize outstanding employees. Sever studies have confirmed that praise and a feeling of involvement in a company produces higher output than even salary increases.