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Halloween Safety Driving Tips

You will know it is Halloween when you notice the streets are crawling with vampires, witches, ghosts, and other characters in their creepy costumes. In many residential areas, masked kids in their ghoulish costumes go from house to house for the Halloween goodies during the all-American trick-or-treat. The increase in foot traffic during Halloween night dramatically increases also the potential for vehicle-related accidents involving mostly young pedestrians. Estimates from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) put the potential increase for accidents to four times.


Vehicular-related accidents on Halloween occur because of the drivers who are distracted by the costumed pedestrians while keeping an eye on their own children who are busy trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. Both adults and children become preoccupied with their Halloween activities, neglecting concern for safety in the process.

Safety Driving Tips

The following Halloween safety driving tips can help reduce vehicular-related accidents that will take away the joy of the celebration:

  • Drive defensively. Assume that pedestrians do not or cannot see you on Halloween night, as they are preoccupied with their trick-or-treating. Assume that costumed children may have limited vision because of their masks.
  • Do not use your cell phone and other electronic devices while driving, especially on Halloween night. It is reported that a lot of auto accidents are caused by drivers who are using their cell phones to make calls or to send text messages.
  • Be attentive when driving through intersections, and intersections. Pay attention also to children who are walking on the side of the road instead of sidewalks. Be ready to brake in the event that children will suddenly cross the street while you are approaching.
  • Drive slowly, if possible way below the speed limit when passing through residential areas during trick-or-treating hours.
  • Be careful when passing vehicles that stopped along the street as they could be dropping off children who will be trick-or-treating. The trick-or-treaters could suddenly dart in front of your car.
  • When dropping children for trick-or-treating, pull off into a safe area and turn on hazard lights in order for other motorists to see you. Leave the hazard lights on when leaving the car unattended for a period of time.

Make Halloween night an enjoyable one for everyone but make safety the number one consideration.