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Growth and Retention Strategies

In logistics, growth and retention are a common problem for many. Growth and retention of customers play a crucial factor in succeeding in business. This idea involves the continuous acquisition of customers, establishing a solid relationship with them and strengthening that relationship for long term retention.

business growth

A-1 Freight Systems has been embracing building strong customer relationships since our inception. Our logistics experts have conducted comprehensive research to improve customer retention and increase growth. Below are some strategies that we hope can benefit you, too.

1. Arrange efficient, realistic time frames

A recurring problem that freight broker companies face is requests for unrealistic delivery times. Everyone wanted their shipment yesterday. It will never change. What can change is how you handle these requests.

Over-promising and under-delivering sets the tone for unreliability. When discussing deliverables, always set practical timeframes.

2. Keep everything organized

As much as possible, keep every aspect of business well-organized. Customers are attracted to a well-established organization. Your organization also helps increase customer retention.

3. Increase communication

Proper communication may be the most important element of business success. Proper communication helps you land customers and also helps you keep existing customer for a long, healthy business relationship. Know your customer so you know how to best communicate with them.

Is your customer’s business well established and know what they’re doing? Great. When communicating with them, be direct and don’t waste their time.

Is your customer’s business new? You may need to guide them a bit to help them help you.

Is your customer headquartered overseas? Familiarize yourself with their language and culture to avoid miscommunication or culture-shock on your end.