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What Does a Freight Broker’s Typical Day Look Like?

The work of a freight agent is fast-paced, high-pressured, and exciting but also financially rewarding. There are lots of things going on in a freight broker’s day, from the moment they wake up until the time they are ready to call it a day. The following is the typical day in the life of a freight broker:


Early morning

A freight broker wakes up early, not out of personal choice but because there are a thousand and one things to be done once the cargo start loading and the trucks start rolling out of their terminals. A freight broker first checks their computer at the same time that they start their first cup of coffee for the day. They review their emails, check voicemails and proceed to review the truck schedules for the day. It’s going to be an action-packed day right from the first sip of coffee.

Morning’s full swing

As the morning shapes up to be a busy day, the freight agent starts working on their appointments for the day, and schedules pickups and deliveries. By mid-morning, all appointments have been met, schedules set, and the trucks have picked up their loads. The rest of the morning is typically spent following up with customers, scheduling loading and unloading of cargo, tracking deliveries, and other activities that need to be done in relations to cargo delivery.


A freight agent takes their lunch mid-day and is back to work right after. The afternoon is spent verifying morning pickups, matching afternoon schedule with trucks, giving quotes to inquiring customers, and dispensing advice on the best manner of moving cargoes. They spend time planning and coordinating customer’s shipment schedules on a timely manner within the allowable budget.

End of day

As the day ends, the freight agent has to verify that all pickups and deliveries for the day have been carried out in a timely manner. Then they start preparing their schedule for tomorrow before finally calling it a day.