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Freight Agent Opportunities: How to Find Them?

Freight agent opportunities are rare if you are just starting in the field and have not built a name for yourself yet. It takes time and a lot of accomplishments before your reputation as a good freight agent becomes known in the industry. The freight brokerage industry is so vast and with a great number of players involved that it will take major efforts before a struggling freight agent gets noticed.


One sure way of getting your name known in the freight brokerage business is to be affiliated with an established company. Working for a well-known freight brokerage will have the built-in advantage of having an established customer base and contractual relationship with different carriers. You start working with everything already set up for you.

Expanding Client Base

While working with an established freight brokerage, you can expand your client base, as you will be getting referrals from other freight agents in the company. You can also widen your carrier connection as your company gets you introduced to the major players in the trucking business.

As you establish your affiliation with different carriers and develop your working relationship with them, you will be getting more and more clients because you can offer them different shipping options from your different carrier contacts.

Benefits of Working in a Network

Working with an established freight brokerage enables you to work with the brokerage’s network of logistics services and a range of technology solutions. You will not have these at your disposal if you will be working as an independent freight agent. There will also be the added convenience of using the freight brokerage’s computer infrastructure that is essential to the fulfillment of your job as a freight agent.

Opportunities for a freight agent are limitless when you start with a reputable freight brokerage. You have the opportunity to learn everything that you need in the trade and you will be equipped with all the knowhow that will help you establish a name for yourself.