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How Can the Highway Bill Increase Broker Bonds

What is the Highway Bill all about? It was written into law on the 29th of June, 2012 by the Senate and was approved by President Obama on the 8th of July of the same year. The full name of the bill is called the Moving Ahead for Progress or MAP-21 act.

Highway Bill Increase Broker Bonds

MAP-21 is a bill that has information about the transportation-funding within the trucking industry but has a few provisions in it that have people talking. One of the details of the bill states that the required cash involved in a broker bond shall be raised by $65,000 above the current $10,000, totaling $75,000. That is a big hike, and people can use that money for other operational expenses.

In addition to the big bond hike, what other ways will this bill affect the trucking industry?

  • Every driver working in the trucking industry must put a data recording device in their truck within two years.
  • A comprehensive set of databases is required to be implemented under this bill. Drivers need to put in all of the information to record it for these devices, which include alcohol and drug testing results.
  • All truck operators in the industry must go through a minimal training course within the first year of implementation. The training and all of the requirements that they must fulfill are intended to be useful, improve safety, and improve productivity. But, it is more time that must be spent on things other than driving.

While these new changes to the industry are intended to help truckers and freight drivers monitor workload and improve safety, few are excited about the extra measures that are now required of them.

However, there is value that many are rejoicing in. The bill will improve the quality of the trucking industry by elevating the standards of driving and the drivers’ skills as well. It also aims to lower the risks that drivers take while they are on the road. What do you think?