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Best Freight Broker Software Programs

A freight broker is the middleman between shippers and freight transportation services. The freight broker sees to it that the carrier delivers the shipper’s freight on a timely manner in the right destination. The freight broker might not see the actual freight, nor the shipper and the carrier’s representative, but they communicate with all of them. Freight brokers schedule freight pickups and deliveries, and follow up their movements using computer and internet technologies.


Because of the innovations in freight brokerage that utilize computers, a freight broker needs to use different logistics and other type of software that will make the job easy, fast, and accurate.

The following are some of the best broker software programs available for a freight broker:

  • Axon Trucking Software – Axon is a trucking software with Dispatch and Accounting that are integrated in real-time. The information needs to be entered once and it will instantly update the entire Axon system. Axon cuts down administrative time by almost half and increases cash flow, efficiency, and profitability. Using Axon helps the company save time and effort that could otherwise be channeled to the development or expansion of the business. Axon provides better service to the clients.
  • Tailwind TMS Software – This all-in-one freight software helps small and medium-sized carriers take control over the chaotic compliance, dispatch, administration, and the voluminous paperwork of running the business. The software allows small and family-owned operations improve their cash flow and profitability, compete with the bigger industry players through this comprehensive software that is available for an affordable $69 per month, with the first 30 days free.
  • Freightview – This standalone freight management system is great for small and medium-sized carriers that ship less-than-truckload (LTL) cargo and works with multiple brokers and carriers. Freightview collects all of the users LTL rates in a single location, allowing for comparison in options. Users can schedule freight pickups, prepare bills of lading, print shipping labels, and track the movement of the freight. Freightview allows the conversion of shipping data into graphs, charts, spreadsheets, and report downloads. There is also a unified address book that eliminates the need for entering addresses more than once.