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3 Secrets for Effective Customer Communication

Today’s businesses offer not just a one-time service or product.  Many businesses also encompass an on-going relationship with customers.  This idea is applicable not just to the well-established and big companies, but also to those starting out.  The companies that learn that good customer communication is key the quickest will be the fastest to grow and will be successful the longest.

Customer service is largely your biggest key towards success.  Those businesses that realize it is more cost effective and results driven to retain customers than acquire new ones are those that succeed.  So, how do you keep your customers?  Here are three secrets for incorporating effective customer communication:

1. Written Communications is NOT Dead

You might think that effective communication relies on only web 2.0 technologies, social media, phone, or face to face conversations. Of course, those things are needed (we’ll talk about that later), but it doesn’t mean you’ll just ignore the power of written communications.

customer communication

A good ol’ fashion “thank you” card can work wonders.  Writing a thank you is such an old practice that for many it has been lost in time.  When a physical card with handwritten notes of appreciation shows up these days, it is often more welcomed than any other alternate.

2. Address Problems Immediately

No one is perfect.  Neither are businesses.  Should an issue arise, which it will, don’t act as if you haven’t heard or seen your customers’ problems regarding your product or service. Don’t ignore their complaints. Contact them immediately and ask the specific reason they’re unhappy, and then figure out what you can do to fix the situation.

Don’t forget, the longer you wait to address it the worse it will get. Your willingness to face the issue will make your clients think that you care (of course, you do!).

3. Get Feedback

If you aim to maintain long-term relationships with your clients, make sure to ALWAYS open your communication lines. Call and ask them what’s going on after they purchase your products or how their service is benefiting them. You can do this in a variety of ways.  Offer your direct phone number, have a regular newsletter, conduct surveys, have a live chat online always available online, etc. By keeping day-to-day opportunities for communication open, you keep the opportunities open for your company to improve and grow.